The Write Stuff

Part of the Monster’s class’ curriculum is for the children to learn to write.  There’s a variety of levels in his class, ranging from children who have had some preparation before arriving, down through children who are still learning to recognize letters.  Obviously, even though we’re in a world where computers are increasingly important and kids aren’t being taught cursive handwriting anymore, he needs at some point to be able to learn to form the letters on his own. Continue reading

Isn’t That Handy?

Having a special needs child means, sometimes, that you concentrate so much on the ‘special needs’ aspect of everything that you actually don’t know when you cross into ‘normal kid’ territory.

Part of the Monster’s IEP and pre-K curriculum involves pre-writing activities – this segues into his OT goals (holding a pencil/writing implement for developing strength in his hand) as well as the normal school curriculum for 4 and 5 year olds. Continue reading

The Write Way

The program that the Monster is in – Together We Grow – is geared largely to provide the standard public pre-K experience in a classroom environment that’s also built to help children with Autism start to develop skills they’ll need in a real classroom.  As such, he gets the same assignments any pre-K child in Maryland gets, including all of the homework. Continue reading