Best Laid Plans

Being Jewish, for us adults, the order of the day is Chinese food and movies.  Given that the Monster’s not liable to want to sit through a movie and isn’t fond of Chinese food, there were other plans made.

Our local JCC had arranged for bounce-houses to be inflated in their gym for folks to enjoy from 1 – 4 PM for free, and that sounded to us like something the Monster would enjoy.  (The baby’s just a wee bit young still.)  The plan for today, therefore, was to go through the normal toilet-training thing for most of the day with a break to go run out to the JCC, and then swing by our favorite Chinese take-out before heading for home.

Yeah…  So, the baby woke up at 7:30, and I took him downstairs to keep him quiet.  The Monster and my wife got up at 8:30, with him already wet, and we started into briefs for the day while figuring out how our time was going to go.

The baby’s nap was done about 1 PM, so we figured we’d head out about 2, which meant an hour and a half at the JCC for the Monster.  In the middle of trying to feed the baby, however, the Monster made it clear that he wasn’t having anything of going out – he preferred to play in the kitchen.  (He had discovered a box that I’d gotten from an eBay purchase a while back, which is currently full of styrofoam peanuts.)  This then entailed a mild tug of war between us and him to try to convince him to go out… and I finally pointed out that, frankly, the idea of going to the J was specifically for him to have a good time, and if he preferred to stay home…

So home we stayed.  The wife did some more straightening, and the Monster and baby have been having a good time entertaining themselves.

Chinese will still be consumed this evening… but movie?  Who knows.

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