Vacation Day Two

You might all just reconcile yourselves to the fact that most of my posts over vacation are going to probably be about toilet training.  😉

Yesterday was not his best performance – we missed far more often than we hit.

Part of the problem, perhaps, was that we’re still getting used to where the stupid Wet-Stop needs to be clipped.  We went through at least a few pairs of briefs where we were putting it in the wrong spot and it didn’t therefore go off when he’d wet himself.  That part got squared away quickly enough by evening, though, and still… he wasn’t telling us when he needed to go.

On the other hand, today, while we’ve gone through two pairs of briefs, the second time when the thing sounded, he apparently cut it off until he got onto the toilet, so there’s something to be said for that.  And in the meantime, we’ve managed to get him to go to the bathroom a few times successfully without soiling or wetting his briefs.  (Anything that entails less laundry is a good thing.)  Plus, he’s also starting perhaps to realize what the high-pitched beeping and vibrating (from the fanny pack where the Wet-Stop is) means, and is trying now to get our attention when it sounds – hopefully in short order, he’ll figure out what the sensation is within before it sounds, and starts to get our attention sooner…

We’re freaking out, mind you, every time he makes a sound or moves in a way that makes us think he’s about to wet himself, but… hey, it’s good for exercise.

One thought on “Vacation Day Two

  1. I still recall toilet training. We were making great strides, almost, right up until I broke my ankle. That set us back six weeks. Further, she didn’t WANT to. However, one thing that clicked for her…The potty video, animated, they have one for boys and girls.

    Erin used to sit on her ‘little’ potty in the living room watching that video. It’s full of songs and she watched it often. I have to say it helped a lot around here. Because once she ‘got it’ she did.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.eWU&fp=3eb87e7823bfb43b&bpcl=40096503&biw=1036&bih=610

    They have them as cheap as $2.74.

    I don’t know if he would benefit from it or not, but I know it helped others in my family too with little girls.

    Keep me updated.


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