Vacation Fun?

Now that we’re into the week where I’m actually not going to work… it’s time to concentrate on toilet training.

Now, according to his general education teacher, he’s very successful in school with going to the bathroom and not having accidents – the problem is at home.  We’re not having consistent success.

On the advice of his developmental psychologist, we tried aversion therapy – basically just giving him the ‘no wet pants’ routine a few times while marching him back and forth from where we realized he was wet to the bathroom a few times, before letting him sit.  That doesn’t seem to be having any real effect.

Personally, my theory is the mixed messages we’re sending him between here and school.  At home, he’s often in a pull-up, which is probably diaper-like enough that he doesn’t feel like he needs to go running to the bathroom.  On the other hand, at school, he’s usually in cloth underwear.

So, this week’s going to be different.  He’s in cloth underwear now save when we’re out of the house or at night, until I go back to work.

Coupled with that, he’s wearing a Wet-Stop to make sure we’re aware if he goes.  I’m personally hoping that the sound it makes (we’ve not heard it yet to hear how annoying it probably is) will be enough to get him to go running for the bathroom after one or two times, but we’ll see what happens.

Our first problem, however, came with -getting- the Wet-Stop on him.  We’ve already been working on getting him acclimated to wearing a fanny pack on the theory that he’d tamper with the device if it was just on his belt.  It turns out that he doesn’t want anything to do with the device – he let me clip the wire on his briefs, but won’t let us clip the device on his pants.  So… into the fanny pack (as was originally planned) it went, and he’s fine with it so far.

Wish us luck!

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