Disruptions Ahead

I got home last night from my curling to hear that the Monster had decided he didn’t want to go to bed on time.

Now, usually, the Monster’s very good about going to bed – he likes his schedule, and he sticks to it well himself.  I realize that all kids have these incidents, but this was a bit closer to a meltdown than the usual I-don’t-want-to-go-to-bed fits.

Part of me does wonder if the meltdown was perhaps precipitated by the way the evening had been thrown off.  I’m usually home after work for the hour before I have to leave, but in this case, I had an after-hours happy-hour to attend at the office, and went straight from there to my curling.  I can imagine that it undermined some of the stability of his schedule, and perhaps that contributed to – but does not excuse – the behavior.

Course, today was also the last day before the holiday break.  We’re now off until after New Years’, and that’s going to be the fun part of our lives, trying to find something to fill the days without having issues at home.  Now, I’m going to be home for most of the break to lend a hand, and we’ll see if that helps… but who knows.

Primary goal for this break is going to be trying to get the Monster toilet-trained or at the very least having fewer accidents when he’s not at school… so cross your fingers for us.

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