Short Sighted

Today was new glasses day.

I’m sure it’s been evident through the few pictures I’ve shown, but the Monster wears glasses and has since he was about eighteen months old.  His are for two purposes – he’s far-sighted, and his eyes cross.

A lot of folks marvel to me that he wears his glasses without a fuss.  I actually don’t recall him ever putting up a fuss about wearing them, to be honest.  The problem is more often a matter of getting him to take them off, since he prefers to wear them – even in bed.

One of the things that’s never been an issue with us, insurance-wise, is vision insurance – I have very good coverage through my office, and aside from a co-pay, this covers much of what we’d spend otherwise on vision care.  (I’ve worn glasses since I was ten.  The wife has perfect vision.)  While it might take us a bit each year to get ourselves actually to the doctor to get the checkups, we do eventually get there each year.

The Monster’s eye exam was recent, though, and therefore did not necessitate getting new glasses for his vision’s sake.  However, both of us needed checkups, so we took the entire family at once to the appointments.

First thing that we learned at the appointments was that our optician can’t really get the Monster new glasses (his old pair is getting small, physically).  She handled some of that while I was getting my eyes checked, and then I emerged to finalize ordering my new gear while she got checked.  It was in the midst of this that I’d noticed that the Monster had donned another pair of glasses from the rack near him…. and another… and another…

By the time I was done ordering my new glasses, he’d put on four pairs over his own.

I suppose this is a good thing, that he’s not resistant to the glasses… but seriously…

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