Worst Aid

After I spent Friday evening and most of yesterday at my curling club for a bonspiel, I spent a few hours with the kids so my wife could get away from them.

In the course of this adventure, I decided that the Monster’s nails needed a trim.  As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions, he likes to squeeze things when he’s not happy – usually me, but sometimes his brother – and tends to dig his nails in, so I thought I’d just take care of it really quickly.  He was being nicely compliant, letting me cut his nails with a clipper… until he wriggled and I missed. Continue reading


So I’m going to actually be quiet for a few days while we’re celebrating Thanksgiving – not because of anything about the overlapping holidays that goes against my beliefs to blog… but that I’d rather spend it with my family than spend it in front of the computer. 🙂

In the spirit of the season, though… Continue reading


My wife tells me sometimes about friends of hers who post to Facebook about how they have “surprised” their children with a trip to Disney World, the morning they are going.  Most of this is a lament about how we really can’t do that to to the Monster… both because of how it would backfire in terms of his schedule, and because of his not really being in a place where the surprise would mean anything to him.

No.  I’m more fixed on lots of advanced warning, so he knows what’s going on. Continue reading

Let’em Stare

If you’ve ever wondered how children with Autism would have been seen in the Middle Ages… well, a renfaire really is probably at least as close as you’ll get to the concept.

We enjoy going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  We’ve been hitting it since before we had kids, and even now with children, we still try to go at least once a year to enjoy the sights. Continue reading

The Other Things

I don’t know about other parents with children with Autism, but we tend to let a lot of things slide because we’re tending to the Monster’s care.

Now… messy houses with multiple kids aren’t anything that weird.  (Though I do seem to know quite a few folks with multiple kids who have folks to help them clean…)  I know that.  And our house usually isn’t that much of a disaster.  The problem is… the garage. Continue reading