I hear all the time about how my friends with NT kids are running around from activity to activity.  Be it little league, dance class or something else, their kids seem to always be on the go.

I’m starting to get a sense of the same thing with the Monster.

Now, granted, not all of his activities are quite in the same bucket as my friends with NT kids.  The Monster isn’t doing rec league soccer or little league and he’s certainly not an aspiring ballerina.  What he is getting bogged down with are all of the therapeutic things we’re trying to get him into so that we can help him along with catching up.

This really came up because I made a suggestion – mostly in light of the kerfuffle about not being able to go visit my family this weekend for our nephew’s birthday – to move the Monster’s supplemental speech and occupational therapies back to a week night once the school year begins.  At the moment, we’re taking him to therapy on Sunday mornings, and then he has camp from Monday through Friday.


He’ll be starting up with the I Can Do It Too program at Rebounders on Thursdays when the school year resumes, and we’re looking at doing music therapy on Wednesday evenings as well, since we’ve heard good things about it and the Monster rather likes music (we think).  There’s been talk about putting him into an adaptive hockey program that would have him busy on Saturday mornings, and I’m hedging towards maybe giving a trial run on Sunday afternoons in the fall to taking the Monster curling, as my club has ‘little rockers’ at noon…

Yeah.  That’s a lot, and as the wife pointed out, moving him back to Tuesday evenings would be three nights a week where he has something after school and that might be a bit much, even if it would free up Sunday mornings a little more

Maybe curling might have to wait a little longer, just so we don’t burn him out…

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