So I’m going to actually be quiet for a few days while we’re celebrating Thanksgiving – not because of anything about the overlapping holidays that goes against my beliefs to blog… but that I’d rather spend it with my family than spend it in front of the computer. 🙂

In the spirit of the season, though…

I’m thankful for the Monster’s teacher, therapists and IEP coordinator at his school, who do so much with so little, and definitely show that they care about the progress he has made, as well as how much further he has to go.  This is our second year in the same school, and while the school itself is not wonderful, they definitely try to make it as good a place for him as it can be.

I’m thankful for his therapists at the Therapy Spot and the folks over at Rebounders who get him for one afternoon a week each, and try to do what they can to supplement what the system is giving him, to fill in the gaps where the school system is letting him down due to lack of resources… and who are trying to bring out the person he is inside.

I’m thankful for our friends who are understanding when our son isn’t able to “play normally” with their children, who have to put up with us trying to wrestle our lives around his therapies rather than hanging out, and who make time to try to give us some sanity now and again by letting us pretend to be normal.

I’m thankful for our family, who does what they can to help fit a different kind of “normal” around this crazy life.


And I’m thankful for all of you, for coming along and listening to me babble while I work through things on here.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful Hanukah if you’re celebrating it, and I’ll see y’all when I’m back on Monday.

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