Removing All Doubt

My parents once gave me some wonderful advice: Better to keep silent and let others think you a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Clearly, I speak a lot, so we all know I’m a fool.  But I also don’t position myself as superior to others in my conduct – Heaven knows I’m flawed.  And then you get groups with Holier-than-Thou attitudes who decide to shoot off their mouths about topics they know nothing about.

Yes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I’m looking at you. Continue reading

Not Quite Kosher

We’re halfway through Passover, and… well, it’s going interestingly.

We knew, coming into the holiday, that it was going to be a challenge with trying to get the kids to increasingly observe the traditions of the holiday.  R, of course, doesn’t know any better, being two.  The Monster, though, is getting to the point that we can try to teach him about the holiday, and try to find foods that work with his picky eating habits. Continue reading

Food Fight

So over the last few nights, the wife’s been filling out forms for when the Monster finally goes into feeding therapy.

As I’ve recounted several times, we’ve had issues on and off with the Monster’s diversity of eating.  We’ve gotten used to the lack of variety in his food choices, and for the most part, we can deal with it.  We’ve even had some vague broadening recently  – he’s discovered he likes oranges, cucumbers and carrots. Continue reading

Om Nom Nom

As I mentioned a few posts ago, the Monster’s not much for a diversified diet when given his way about things.

Certainly, there’s been a little bit of an evolution at times – first the narrowing when he was younger, from “anything” to “almost nothing”, and now the faintest shimmers of hope in getting him to eat other things. Continue reading

Eat and Drink

I’ve made plenty of references to it before, but the Monster is a picky eater.

We’ve gotten accustomed to the fact that his choice of cuisine’s been narrowed significantly over the years.  When he was a baby, he ate just about anything put in front of him… but today, our dining out is limited to places where they serve things he’ll eat. Continue reading

Slowly Broadening Horizons

We’ve been lucky so far, in terms of how the Monster’s diet has slowly shrunk, that we’ve not yet gotten to the point that we have nothing to feed him when we go out to restaurants.

Once upon a time, he ate just about anything – much like R does today – and we had few problems at all with planning meals.  These days, we’re fortunate if the Monster is willing to accept one of a list of options that we know he’ll still eat… and that’s never fun. Continue reading

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

The struggle with food continues.

The Monster’s summer one-on-one has been very good about writing us decent notes every day, outlining what the Monster’s enjoying or not enjoying, where there are pain points and where he’s figured out things with the behavior… and one of the recurring pain points in the first week of camp has been food. Continue reading

Trial and Error

Obviously, part of the Monster’s camp experience is lunch.

Now, I don’t know entirely how Camp Milldale’s lunch works, really.  I do remember when I went to camp at the JCC Day Camp at Flanders, and it was fairly straight forward: we got off the bus, we gave our counselors our dairy lunches, the lunches were put in garbage bags that were schleped up to our unit shelters in the woods and stuck in the fridge, and after instructional swim, we ate said lunches.  Oh, and once a week, we had a cookout. Continue reading