Pull Up Your Pants!

Setting aside the occasional accident, things are getting better on the toileting front of late.

We’ve gotten back to the point that he is, by and large, avoiding accidents during the day while he was home on break.  We’ve had a few messes – and we suspect those were mostly because he wasn’t feeling well and not quite communicative about the matter – but most of the time, we’ve either gotten a verbal insistence that it’s bathroom time or he’s given non-verbal cues.
And nicer still, I’ve not had to accompany him into the bathroom each time to ensure that he’s actually going.  Much of the time, he’s content to go by himself with an adult nearby, rather than in the room with him.  (This is a Good Thing, especially if we’re out at some place and the handicapped stall is unavailable.) Getting him to flush might be another question, but… he does that more out of the house than in it.

The problem now?  He keeps coming out without his pants pulled up.  It’s really just a question of when we catch him to give him the reminder to do it, so when others are around, I’ve at least taken to going closer to the bathroom to ensure he’s decent before joining everyone again.  (On a positive, he’s doing it mostly himself, except when he can’t manage to pull his pants closed on the pairs that are just starting to get small for him.)

Yes,I know, that should be the least of our worries, and I’m thinking we’re just going to end up with a mini-PECS board to remind him of the steps to ensure he’s following them.  It is progress, though.

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