IMG_1715God, I hope schools reopen soon.

The biggest problem, I’ve found, with any serious disruption to our routine is that no matter how plastic the Monster is in terms of schedule disruption, large-scale disruptions don’t go over well, especially when coupled with copious free time.  The perfect-storm of being stuck in the house for five days – the Monster’s school was closed on Friday as well – and having little enough to do is getting to the children. Continue reading

Interruptions Galore

Living in Maryland, the weather is the worst part of the winter.

Certainly, we don’t get it as badly as I did where I grew up, where we got hit with serious snow multiple times a winter.  Nor are we getting it even as badly once as Boston has on multiple occasions this winter.  But… let’s just say that Maryland is a little nervous when it comes to the white stuff – they seem to close schools at the drop of a hat.  (I’m exaggerating, but only slightly.)

So…  this week, schools were closed on Monday, and then closed early on Tuesday due to the weather. Continue reading