IMG_1715God, I hope schools reopen soon.

The biggest problem, I’ve found, with any serious disruption to our routine is that no matter how plastic the Monster is in terms of schedule disruption, large-scale disruptions don’t go over well, especially when coupled with copious free time.  The perfect-storm of being stuck in the house for five days – the Monster’s school was closed on Friday as well – and having little enough to do is getting to the children.

I’ve mentioned that the children and I have a deal about early mornings – I leave them some pre-made cups of juice in the fridge, the cable box turned to a child-safe channel with the volume turned down, and then they can come down when they’re ready, watch TV, have their juice, and let us rest.  (I have very fond memories of, as a child, having a similar arrangement with my parents, and sneaking downstairs at 6:30 on Saturday mornings to watch Robotech on WPIX… though I was at an age where I was capable of working the cable box myself.)  This usually only holds on Saturdays and Sundays, since we wake the Monster at 6:40 for school most weekdays, but…

Being snowed in, and my working from home, means that I don’t have to get up till 7, and there’s no fixed wake-up time for anyone else.

The kids have few enough outlets for their energy without school, and it’s causing problems – R is getting bossier about things, and guiding the Monster around the house to do things, and the Monster’s getting increasingly into a mode where he doesn’t want to obey but to resume his usual schedule, which isn’t happening till the plow comes through.  Being without either of their regular routines is having a very bad effect, and is just leading to increasing bouts of chaos, despite my best efforts around attempts to work and to get the cars cleared from the snow.  Last night, in a fit, R refused to eat dinner (and was in bed by 6:30), and the Monster was having giggle-fits by 7 (which is a bad sign…)

… and ended up with them singing the song of their people downstairs in the living room at 6 AM.  “Do you want a banana, [Monster]?” R asked at the top of his lungs.  “I CAN GET YOU A BANANA!

Banana!” The Monster agreed heartily.  As they bounced a basketball into a wire rubbish can.  While Little Einsteins blared from the TV at well-above the volume I’d left it.

I swear to God, I’ll shovel the street clear all on my lonesome if it gets them to school tomorrow (or lets me actually sleep till 7…)

2 thoughts on “Stir-Crazy

    • Plus, let’s be honest – I think they’ll be happier back in school. There’s only so many times you can choose to do the same thing around the house for five days before you go crazy.

      At least R’s going back to school this morning – his preschool is re-opening at 9:30. Hopefully, the Monster goes back tomorrow.

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