Never Enough Time

Sorry for being quiet for the last day or so – reality caught up with me.

Besides being stranded in the house for two days, everything just seemed to pile up at once – work, home and even school reared its ugly head.  It just served to remind me that while all parents seem to always be busy, we get it worse with everything else on our plates.

Yesterday was a good example.  With a delayed opening, the wife took R to nursery school – she hits the gym for a group class while R’s in his class – while I stayed home to tend to the Monster and get him on the bus.  The disruption to his schedule was somewhat abated by my giving him his iPad for a while, though it did make it harder to get him actually out to the bus when it arrived.

Work was… an unmitigated disaster, but that’s what I’m there for, to keep things going.  Thursdays are one of my meeting days, so I spent much of it running around and trying to get things squared away before leaving early to retrieve the Monster and take him to gymnastics.

And last night was my support group (which was very sparsely attended).  So you can imagine the Monster’s day – most of a day at school after a late start, followed by going straight to gymnastics, home to choke down some dinner, and then off for two hours of ‘babysitting’ at the ARC, and then home to bed.

Which doesn’t include that I had more work to do – making up for the hours I missed at the office with running the Monster to gymnastics, plus another fire that had to be put out – and a bit of editing on a paper from college, to get it ready for publication.

And that comes back to the crux of the problem – it never feels like we have enough time.  Even weekends get filled up very quickly, moreso now that Sunday Funday restarts this weekend.  In theory, we might hit the sensory-friendly movie at AMC, I have my spanish conversation-group lunch, the wife has a pot-luck, and that’s just Saturday.  During the week, it’s therapy and homework and school, support groups and Autism Society…

We’ve gotta get a rest sometime.

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