Potty Progress

With the rare exception, we’re getting through most days these days without a single accident.

It’s nice progress – the Monster is slowly but surely getting a grip on telling us when he needs to go to the bathroom, and seems to largely be holding it until appropriate opportunities when we’re out and about and he’s in his cloth underwear.  I can’t remember – barring mornings where I’ve not brought a pair of briefs downstairs – the last time we felt a need to put him in a pull-up outside of bedtime.

Our new project in this regard is trying to get him to be independent in the bathroom, as I’d mentioned earlier this week when I was talking about the things that we still need to ‘work’ on.

Now… I don’t know how they do bathroom time at school.  I have to assume that the aides or Ms. A just take him to the bathroom and encourage him to do his business there, and that they’re standing by if he needs assistance.  What I do know is that at home, he insists on having someone standing by while he’s using the facilities, even if he’s now doing almost all of it himself.

I’ve started to make sure that I’m backing off further and further each time, since I do want him to get to the point of being able to be brought to the bathroom and letting him go by himself… while being able to trust that he’ll pull up his pants before he comes out, much less that he’ll do his business without having to have someone reminding him to be finished first.  It’ll make it easier, for starters, if I don’t have to try to squeeze into small stalls in restaurants or amusement parks… plus at some point, it’ll be socially awkward to be doing it with him.

I figure there’s time enough before summer to get him to the point of that much autonomy.  Course, what would really be nice is getting him to the point of getting up in the middle of the night and taking himself to the bathroom rather than having him in pull-ups that have to be dealt with in the morning, but one step at a time…

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