Minding the Gap

So we’re about half-way through the holiday break, and we’ve had really few enough disruptions to the status quo.

The Monster’s gotten into the routine – skewed as it is from his regular routine – of going to the JCC each day for his mini-camp.  We don’t seem to be having too many real issues, after having made some adjustments to keep his sleep schedule somewhat aligned to the new day.

For the moment, therefore, I’d call this ‘successful’ with getting through the week and a half without his regular school.  Even weathering yesterday – with everything being closed – seemed to go well.

He had a good session on Tuesday with his private OT and SLP.  As with so many other times when he’s gone for therapy, he seems to show a lot more progress with the therapists than with us.  He’s answering questions about items in more than yes-no fashion according to them, though they’re hardly asking for major dissertations on the issues of our age.  The one that we’re aware of him getting wrong had to do with where a king and queen live, and… well, at his level, I don’t think he’s had a lot of exposure to realize that they live in a castle, not a house.  (The Monster’s not been much for sitting still for classic Disney movies yet.)

He’s also been good about not squeezing everyone and everything in sight like he had been over the last few weeks.  I only have one mark that’s healing – on my left wrist, at least, rather than the backs of my hands or all along my forearms – and he’s been better about being gentle with his little brother.  Even the occasional “theft” of his iPad seems to have been tolerated a bit this week.

And fortunately, the mini-camp is keeping him sufficiently busy that I’m hoping he won’t notice the lack of gymnastics this week.  He’ll get that again next week, when school resumes as well.

But this is a short vacation.  We’ve still a few more to weather before the summer…

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