Going Swimmingly

A while back, we got a basic summing-up of the summer the Monster’s been having at camp.  He’s having a good time, he’s making some friends… but there are things that we’d hoped he’d get under his belt over the eight weeks.

Top of my list: swimming.

According to his one-on-one, J, he’s not really “getting” anything out of the swimming lessons.  He’s never been much of one for listening to directions, especially when there’s the opportunity to splash around in the pool (though, at least thus far, he’s shown the common sense necessary not to go wandering into deeper water than he’s able to stand without an adult helping him).

I wasn’t a great swimmer myself when I was his age… but I could manage to doggy-paddle and the like, and I was already working on my floating.

Because it was the first nice day in a bit, we decided to hit the pool, and as usual, I took the Monster into the big pool to let him slosh around and chase me in shallower water for a bit.  He was letting me dip him under the water for a second or two at a time, but still sputtering when I brought him up, and then after a while, the wife and R joined us.  And then that’s when it happened.

The Monster just dunked himself under water and tried to paddle forward.  It wasn’t very successful as swimming underwater goes… but he was trying.  And it wasn’t a fluke, but something he did repeatedly for several minutes, demonstrating that he does know how to hold his breath at least for a few moments and doesn’t mind getting his face wet.

It’s progress.

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