Narrowing It Down

The Monster’s not really the adventurous eating type, and I know I’ve commented on that at various points on the blog.  He was, of course, when he was a baby – like most babies, he ate just about anything you put in front of him – but as his Autism really came into force, his dietary habits have somewhat slimmed down.

One thing I’m still getting used to is how they can keep narrowing, even after that initial onset.

At one point, he was good with just about every breakfast food – waffles, pancakes, french toast… and slowly, one by one, those disappeared.  If he’s eating a breakfast food these days, it’s probably cereal or a bagel, and maybe french toast if he’s in the mood.  Lunch has been, for the longest time, yogurt, while dinner tends to be a hot dog or chicken nuggets/fingers, depending on the evening.

We’re in the midst, as well, of teaching the baby to eat (and the baby is absolutely voracious) which brings up all of the concerns that he’s going to pick up his brother’s habits.  I’m personally not as worried as the wife is, if only because I have to think of how my siblings and I turned out – one of them has a very limited diet as well, and he seems to have both turned out alright and not affected how my siblings and I choose food.

On the other hand, I’m trying to think also of how to broaden the Monster’s diet.  (I have nothing against what he does eat, so long as he eats, but..)  So far, I don’t see a rhyme or reason to how he’s picked what he’s willing to eat, and that’s the first thing towards finding other foods he’d be willing to try, I’d wager…

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