Movie Time

The Monster, being in a regular public school, gets the same rewards and treatment as the other children that attend his school, even if he’s not aware of what those things are.

We got a notice today that, as part of being in this regular school and having perfect attendance for the prior quarter, that he’s getting a reward of being able to see a movie later this week.  They’re showing Wreck It Ralph for the younger kids (pre-K to 4), and a separate film for the bigger kids, with a note sent home for us to sign if we don’t want him to see it.Obviously, we’re fine with his seeing the film.  (We saw it ourselves recently.)  There’s nothing objectionable in it, and he would probably like the bright colors and whatnot.

Our big question was more of what supports they’re going to put in place for him.

The wife’s taken him to a movie before – to go see The Kroods for a Saturday morning preview – and we’ve tried to get him to sit through movies here at the house at times.  I think I was successful in getting him to sit through about 25 minutes of Monsters, Inc on Sunday morning… but then he was off like a gunshot around the room once more.

We don’t really want to deny him the chance to go watch a movie, but we also don’t want to ruin it for the other kids.  (And yes, we’re aware that there’s probably going to be plenty of NT kids who can’t sit still for the ninety minutes.)  It’s very tempting to put a note in the bag asking if they’ve thought about how they’re going to have supports for his behavior to keep him settled and paying attention, and equally tempting to not write in and hope that they’ve already taken that into consideration.

I suppose we’ll find out or not in a few days…

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