The Potty Process

Yes, I know, I seem to discuss this almost every week.  (It actually’s been a whole week since I dedicated an entry to this.)  Obviously, where it comes to what we’re doing with the Monster, this is the biggest part of how we’re trying to get him ‘ready for school and life’ at the moment.

So the potty process is still going strong while we’re trying to get him trained.  Granted, we don’t know how hard this is for most parents, since we’ve never had to deal with this ourselves, but… I’m not much for worrying about that kind of thing.

Over the weekend, we had a few misses – we had more hits than misses, I’m proud to say, and we didn’t have a single incident of having to mop up the couch or floor from a puddle.  Of course, he was also in pull-ups the entire weekend, as we’ve not made the transition to training briefs in our home.

He spent some time at his grandparents’ while we were out, and managed to go there.  He’s showing that he’s not really afraid of the bathroom at all, which is a good thing, and he’s gotten over his aversion to the loud sound the toilet makes when it flushes.

But one point of success this week came yesterday afternoon while I was upstairs watching the baby and my wife was downstairs watching the Monster.  All at once, while I was sitting there, I saw the Monster come dashing out of the bathroom, calling for his mother.  Now… that was weird enough to get me off my derriere to go down and see what was going on.  And there, I found a bare-assed Monster in the family room, with my wife asleep.  (This is not a Good Thing, a non-toilet-trained child running around bare-bottomed, obviously.)  So I took him back into the bathroom to get him another pair of pull-ups… and found that he’d apparently wet himself, gone into the bathroom, taken off the wet pull-ups… and for all I know, given that he’d turned on the light in there as well, he probably sat on the potty for a few minutes before coming out.  (He’s not up to putting on pants himself.)

What I’m beginning to see is at least some awareness of when he’s gone.  Now we just need to work up to awareness of when he’s going to go (that, and when he’s going to to #2) so that we can make sure we catch it beforehand…

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