The Romney Campaign Responds…

My wife and I had a rare afternoon out without the children – the Monster and his brother spent the afternoon and evening with their grandparents, while we went with my dad to the (awesome? incredible? “WOW!”?) Virginia Tech “at” Cincinnati football game.  I wasn’t even thinking yet about what to be writing when we got home, and found a letter from the Romney-Ryan campaign waiting.

Now, obviously, that excited me (not as much as the game, but hey).  The wife had been very realistic about what I might find when I got a response from a letter, and I agreed with her wholeheartedly, both when I’d sent the original letters, and now that a response had arrived.

I got back a form-letter response about the Republican campaign’s concerns about health care costs, about their plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, et al.  Not one word about Autism.

Let’s be honest – I’m a voter, and nothing spectacular at that.  I have an interest, and I think I was very clear in my letter (you folks can tell me if you thought I wasn’t) as to what my concerns are.  That doesn’t mean that anything I might ask in such a letter will merit making it to the desk of the person campaigning, or even to someone with authority to give a ‘real’ answer.

Let’s also be honest and point out that I’ve not heard back from the Obama campaign either (both letters were mailed at the exact same time from the exact same mailbox).  I’m not expecting anything different from that campaign.

But the fact of the matter is that there’s a major issue here – yes, of course I mentioned the ACA in my letter, given its obvious failings with regards to ‘fixing’ the treatment issues that the Monster faces here in our state.  It means to me, though, that no one bothered to read the introduction to my letter or the rest of my questions, which had to do with the Autism policy of the administration their candidate would be leading.

What I have to imagine is that, in the end, some intern scanned through the letter really quickly with some kind of sheet in front of them as to what ‘kind’ of letter it was, and put me into the system for a ‘healthcare’ letter.

I’ll have a response to the letter tomorrow, I imagine…

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