Tempting Fate

So I clearly should not have said something.

Around 1:30 AM, the Monster woke up and started talking to himself, despite the melatonin.  By 1:45, it was clear that we had to leave the hotel room, or he’d end up waking up R, and ensuring that his mother would be up all night.  So, as happens when we go on vacation, I decided to take him out in the car and pray that he’d go to sleep eventually.

Yeah… ‘eventually’ was about 6 AM. Continue reading

Just Go To Bed

The biggest problem we’ve had, since the diagnosis, honestly is traveling.  We usually handle the ‘travel’ portion of the entire itinerary just fine, but as you, my faithful readers, have seen, it’s the overnights that give us trouble.

I can handle meltdowns in amusement parks, and I can handle the Monster’s finicky eating when we’re out and about.  What I can’t handle is a constant lack of sleep. Continue reading