Hold It

So, while most of what I write about here has to do with the Monster, there’s times that R is going to make his own appearance due to things being what they are.

For those who don’t frequently notice him pop up – R is our younger son and the Monster’s little brother, 19 months old at this point. ¬†Because the Monster is on the Spectrum – and we had reasonable certainty that would be the diagnosis well before we started trying for R – we’ve always been a little more cautious about keeping an eye on how R is developing. Continue reading

Not The Same Thing

Being the age that I am, I have plenty of friends and family who also have children around the same age as the Monster.

One of my cousins posted a link to a blog post on a Patch site today regarding a parent who is sitting back at a reasonable distance to let her children explore the playground, but moreover is asking that other parents don’t step in to help her children either. ¬†It does, on reading it (and the copious comments, both pro and con), make me wonder what other parents think when the Monster’s on the playground. Continue reading