Getting Away

The wife and I are actually going on vacation soon.

I’ve commented before that it’s important to find time as a couple to actually be a couple – we spend so much time (especially at this time of year, with IEP meetings and placement discussions) doing things for the kids that it’s easy to go for days without acting like there was a time where we were young and in love and actually married…

And in the time since the last time we got away, we’ve forgotten what an undertaking it is. Continue reading

Planning an Escape

I’m fortunate enough to work for a large company that has one of the biggest, rarest perks in the business world – a paid sabbatical program.  Once every five years, I get a four-week paid sabbatical from the office (besides all of my copious PTO)… and my fifth year anniversary with my company passed in November.  It’s time for me to take the break.

My wife and I are planning for an actual “adults” vacation – we’re going away without the kids. Continue reading