The Monster's "Minion"


I think it’s too easy sometimes to take the literal way that some of our children with Autism regard the world, and take it to some logical extreme like “no originality”.

I know that I’m definitely guilty of it sometimes, which is usually a sign that the Monster’s overdue to do something to blow my mind.

We’ve been cleaning up the house lately, since as we all know, junk just somewhat accumulates when you get busy and the holidays tend to make all of us very busy.  While sorting things into logical piles (‘mine’, ‘yours’, ‘the kids’, ‘trash’, ‘recycling’), the wife found a plastic bag from the afternoon she’d taken the kids to build the tree that her mommies’ group had made for the Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees.  (While we ourselves aren’t Christian, it’s a great idea – groups design Christmas trees, carry out the decoration, and then they’re sold to raise money for KKI.)  Her group’s theme this year was “The Minions”, and they had a weekend where they made decorations, before going over to the Fairgrounds to set the tree up.

Now… yes, both R and the Monster have “seen” Despicable Me 1 and 2.  (And by “see”, I mean, it’s been on in the same room as them, and they may have stared at the screen for a bit of it before either going for iPad time or playing with other toys.)  So they know what Minions are, though that doesn’t necessarily translate into “can make something that looks like a Minion”.  And as a result, I don’t think anyone honestly expected anything the Monster to make would end up on the tree…

And hey, in the movie, Minions have 1 or 2 eyes…so what’s to say that they can’t have eight?  And yes, the eyes are lined up like he does with a lot of other things… but he actually painted the ball.  He actually glued the eyes on.  It all kind of works, for him.

Almost a shame we won’t ever have a tree.  Almost.

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