Lightening the Load

We’ve reached a minor milestone, we think.

Yes, it feels weird to actually post this online, but… we think the Monster’s fully daytime toilet trained.

Okay, yes, it still sometimes requires either understanding the vague aspects of his own personal potty-dance, and the occasional game of ask-him-four-or-five-times-to-be-sure, but it’s been a very long time since either of us can remember his having an actual accident during his waking hours.  His teacher’s also mentioned, in the course of our discussing the accommodations in his IEP, that he’s only had two accidents the entire school year, and both were early in the term.

So we’ve taken a decisive step, and we’re no longer packing extra clothing for him in most circumstances when we’re out.

This has a lot of positives.  It’s less clothing in the diaper bag (so any pair of pants I grab out of it, I can now safely assume is for R).  It also reduces the embarrassment when we’re out and about, and trying to get things out to change R, and a pair of briefs comes tumbling out of the diaper bag.  It makes packing for travel easier, since it’s one fewer thing to check when we’re having to run out the door…

Now all that’s left is to do the nighttime training, which the wife asked his behavioral therapist about this week… and that’s going to get hairy, obviously, since we need to disrupt his sleep (and potentially ours).  Not quite sure how well that’s going to work, since I don’t know that we’ve actually tried to intentionally rouse him in the middle of the night before, and I’m going to admit that I’m more than a little concerned about how that’s going to fray our nerves if he’s not as compliant at night as he is during the day.

But it’s definitely major progress, that we feel secure enough to cut back on the baggage.  Of course, now, if we could just get R toilet trained…

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