A Hand

I don’t remember how I found out that I was right-handed.

Then again, I don’t think most of you out there, reading this, quite remember how you found out that you were right- or left-handed.  Most of us just seem to accept it as a natural course of how the universe works, and we go on about our lives, adapting as need be.  I happen to be right-handed, just as the skip on my curling team is a lefty (which makes for interesting options strategy-wise sometimes.  The amazing difference slight changes of angle makes…)

The Monster, though, can’t tell us which hand feels more natural to use.

One of the biggest struggles we’ve had with getting him to do any ‘writing’ is that he’s not seemingly settled on a dominant hand.  If you put an implement in front of him, he does tend to select with his left hand more frequently, but not by such an extent that you’d think that he’s a southpaw.

The private OT that we’ve hired is convinced that he’s a righty.  She’s working with him on his writing and scissors skills using his right hand, and feels like he’s making decent – not great, but decent – progress in that vein.  They’ve been working a lot more on the pre-writing skills to try to make his handwriting more decipherable, and it’s the slow-and-steady kind of course.

On the other hand, the school OT emailed me a few days ago to say she’s absolutely sure he’s a lefty.  (This has been a back-and-forth between the two OTs, though they’re not talking to each other, even when we’ve provided the school OT with the private OT’s email address.)  She’s been having him cut with each hand, and she feels that his left hand’s been more accurate in following the lines.

So I’m stuck on deciding what I really should do about the whole problem.  The Monster doesn’t have the verbal ability to tell us which one sounds more ‘normal’, though I’d almost have to imagine at this point that he’d say the right hand feels better – we’ve been concentrating on it so much, after all.  On the other hand, I want to make sure that we’re not causing him problems with other skills.

Anyone have thoughts on how to figure this one out, shy of my finding a way to lock both OTs in a room to have them decide which hand to go with?

2 thoughts on “A Hand

  1. Toss him a piece of candy and see which hand flinches to try to grab it first?

    I have heard that when I was a baby I preferred to eat left handed but my mom kept putting the spoon in my right hand. So now I do some things left and some right. I write right handed but I have terrible handwriting because I could never hold the pencil correctly. Thank goodness for typing.

    • *Grins* I’d try that, actually, save that the Monster isn’t big on catching, necessarily. He’d be as inclined to do something about it – probably reach with both hands – as let it bounce off his forehead.

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