No Más

So, we’re trying to stem the tide here with the constant influx of pizza.

The Monster, most nights, has a slice of pizza or two for dinner.  I know of other kids who work the same way, but it’s a problem honestly when we have to think about whether or not we have any in the house.  And it’s not like he doesn’t eat anything else – when we’re out at a restaurant, he’ll have chicken fingers, or the occasional hamburger, or a hotdog… but not at home.

So this evening, when I was asked what we should do for him for dinner, I suggested drawing a line and telling him that he was having chicken nuggets – something we know he’ll eat, but that he’s not been eating at home.

And of course, he fought, a lot.  He whined, he protested, he shifted around and spouted nonsense words at us to emphasize that he was not going to play ball with us, all while I bribed gently and consistently.  He was not getting a different dinner, but if he’d eat his nuggets, he could have a treat for every nugget that made it down his gullet.  (At the same time, of course, R started to be reticent as well about eating his dinner, though he was eating what we ourselves were eating.)

But eventually, the Monster actually ate most of his dinner.  It’s like on Thanksgiving.  If we’re willing to be patient, and it’s something he’s eaten before, he’ll eventually eat it.  Personally, I would rather that he start eating what we’re actually eating, but at least it’s something and means that we can slowly, slowly move away from having to have a pizza purchase each week…

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