Forward Progress

Two weeks ago, we had the Monster’s first IEP meeting at his current school (see Talk About It).  At that meeting, we discussed changes to the current IEP to try to bolster his progress, since he’s been showing very little forward progress since moving from Garrett Heights EMS to The Mount Washington School.

Just to refresh: at that IEP meeting, we discussed increasing his special education (more than doubling it) and getting him an assessment for a one-on-one aide.

I’m accustomed to these things taking time.  I know that they need to get someone from the central office to come observe the Monster in class, and that it takes time just to get the draft of the IEP to us for us to approve… and indeed, it took a couple of days for the paper IEP to come home in his packet, even after I’d told the IEP chair that sending me a PDF would be just fine.  (For the record – I actually prefer an electronic copy of documents when possible, and not just because I’m “green”.  I can always print a copy to write on if I need to do so, but otherwise, it’s just something else to get lost around the house, and I tend to read these things on my Nook anyway.)

Apparently, yesterday afternoon, his packet included a request for another IEP meeting, a week from Monday, with a notation that the meeting is to include discussions of revision to his IEP and considerations for ESY.

Setting aside that I don’t think that we’re really going to discuss ESY in October (I suspect that a box was simply checked when it wasn’t meant to be), that says to me that they really did expedite the evaluation for whether or not he needs a one-on-one aide, and we’ll be addressing that PDQ, so that it can be put into place soonest.  Moreover, that says to me that they’re more than likely approving the request, and… well, I just don’t know when the implementation date would be, since they theoretically have a bit to implement it, and I know that they have to find an aide to shadow him.

And as much as I did enjoy working with his teacher and IEP chair at the old school, the fact that there is serious, observable forward motion in the IEP process without my having to fight tooth-and-nail the entire way is a major plus.

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