Two Way Communication

We’re four weeks into the school year, and things are slowly stabilizing.

The biggest thing that we miss from last year was the communication log that we had with Ms. A regarding the Monster’s conduct in class.  Certainly, there is behavior charting in his folder, but the Monster has never been a problem in that sense.  (Ms. H, his teacher this year, does it for all the students.)

So, earlier this week, the wife started making a new version of the checklist in collaboration with Ms. H to make sure that we’re getting regular reports about the Monster’s progress.  It is mandated in the IEP, but… well, I’ll admit that I’m questioning how closely the school’s staff have read the IEP itself.  We’ve gotten not a single indication that the proximity controls that we requested are in place on the playground, or that he’s getting help in the lunch room, and we don’t know about his toileting at school.  On the other hand, he’s more often than not coming home with an empty lunch-bag, but with neither juice consumed during the day.

That’s not to say that we’re doing perfectly either.  We had, ourselves, overlooked the fact that we had been on the hook for preparing the lunchroom checklist, and that’s something we’re going to correct in the next day or so.  But we’re also trying to make sure we’re in touch with the teacher and specialists to find out if they’re executing on the IEP.

In light of that, I’ve asked for an IEP review meeting (which, for the record, we’d requested be scheduled in the new IEP when it was prepared in June).  The meeting’s going to be in about 2 weeks, so we’ll see, and I’m crossing my fingers…

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