The Flip Side

Three days into the school year, and the IEP chair from the Monster’s school is still ignoring the single, easy question that I asked her.  Of course, so is the person who is in charge of implementing IEPs in the district, so I might have to pick up a phone and start being my normal self again.

On the other hand… things are getting off to a good start with the specialists.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, the OT called to talk to the wife.  Today, the SLP and special educator both sent home letters to introduce themselves and what they’re doing with the Monster, and to ensure that we know how to reach them.

I don’t remember, actually, how long it took for us to get similar information last year at GHEMS.  So to say that I’m tickled pink that they’ve already reached out to us is an understatement.  Of course, buried in the whole thing is a request for permission to refer him to the school psychologist for behavioral treatment… which we don’t know why that would have come on the third day of school, but I’m inclined to sign it and give permission out of the idea of being a good and cooperative parent.

In addition, the bus driver apparently offered to move our stop a few blocks further north – putting it around the corner from the house – which makes my mornings and the wife’s afternoons easier.  He has to pass the intersection in question anyway, and we’re the only ones at our current stop, so…

At least we’ve had no major problems yet this school year.

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