Not Happening

Like so many other people, I’ve seen the whole ice bucket challenge thing spreading around online.  It was only a matter of time before I was challenged… and my dad called me out this morning.

Sorry, Dad.  Not doing it.

To be honest, I’d been considering doing it – just dumping the water on myself – and ending the chain there without calling anyone else out… but I feel like more needs to be said.

First, it’s kind of silly at this point.  I don’t see what dumping ice water on myself does for helping further ALS research or awareness.

Further… as the popular meme I’ve seen going around in my circle says, “you’re dumping clean, drinkable water on your head to avoid donating to a charity?”  (Yes, yes, I realize there’s lots of people who are doing it and donating.  Hush.  My blog and I get to do the talking/writing.)

But… honestly, I find that the whole thing smacks of the issue so many of us face in our offices each year, when it comes to X charitable thing.  Girl scout cookies, Passover candy… it’s peer pressure.

I’m not saying that ALS is not a worthy cause – it’s a disease that deserves more research dollars than it gets.  But it’s not my cause.  And… I have limited money to donate to causes, and I’m not going to give money to yet another cause just simply because I think dumping ice water on my head is a silly way to support said cause.

will however be donating to my cause of choice – Autism – in lieu of dumping water on my head.  I will be donating $50 each to two charities that do wonderful work in this field – Pathfinders for Autism and Surfers Healing – as soon as I figure out how my company’s charitable matching works, so each one can get $100.

Don’t do the viral thing because it’s “what everyone else is doing.”  My parents – yes, you too, Dad – taught me that with the simple phrase, “If all your friends were jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge…”.

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