Changing Gears

It’s unusual when I’m home for a day and none of it has anything to do with the Monster.

Of course, my morning did start off with getting the Monster off to camp.  Because I did not have to be at the office, I did most of the work for a change at getting him up and going.  This is usually a two person job – me in the kitchen packing his lunch and getting breakfast on the table, while she’s getting him dressed, lotioned, and his bag packed.

So of course, I did a lot of it “wrong”.  I put things into the bag in the wrong order, after ignoring that she’d actually put out his clothes for today upstairs.  I put him into all of his swim gear, instead of just the swimsuit and re-usable diaper.  But at least I’d gotten him dressed, fed and his bag packed, yes?

On the other hand, I also then had a nicely quiet day for a change after getting him onto the bus.  I took R for a nice long walk (since I’d been too lazy to get up at 5:30 as usual), which ended up more than tiring me out – I’d miscalculated how far I was going, coupled with having 40 pounds of child-and-stroller to push around.  I managed to get out and get some writing done, so I feel like I’ve accomplished a little for myself…

And now I’m watching the kids again, as we do the trading-off thing so that she’s getting some time away from the children.

It’s nice, to have an opportunity to be not worrying about cramming work into everything…

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