No More Teachers…

Next Monday is the last day of this school year.

I don’t know that either of us has tried to explain yet to the Monster that he’s not going to school for a few weeks, after Monday morning.  It’s a kind of abstract concept anyway, and besides, the week after, he’ll start summer camp, which will also involve his riding a bus each day.

Getting ready for summer, though, also involves shifting around his schedule, which is the bigger problem.

Since camp runs later into the evening, and it’s going to (hopefully) wear him out more, we tend to move his private therapy to weekends rather than keeping it on the weekday evenings.  Last year’s experience with having the session at noon on Sundays really was something of a non-starter – it interrupted a lot of the things we’d otherwise do on weekends – so this summer, it’s moving to 9 AM.  At least in my mind, that’ll let us be free so we can go to the pool if there’s nothing else going on, and at worst, in most cases it’s still easy enough to cancel it if we can’t be around.

Gymnastics is also coming to an end for the summer.  During the school year, going to Rebounders is really meant as a way to try to get him some physical therapy because the city’s been unwilling to give him that therapy going forward.  However, camp also means he’ll be out and running around, and getting enough gross motor skill-work, so there’s no need to have another one on top of everything else.  That’ll resume in the fall, when the school year restarts, though we have to figure out how best to swing that, as his new school is actually close to the house, rather than closer to my job.

And of course, we’ll get out of habit with the homework practice, since he’s not going to have assigned homework over the period.  This year, the wife signed him up for the book reading program through the county library, so we’ll work on his sight reading over the summer, and find some practice materials that are at an appropriate skill level to ensure he’s working on his writing, reading and math skills.

Let’s complicate things, of course.  Camp doesn’t start until a week from next Monday, so Tuesday to Friday will be unscheduled.  Plus, I’ll be out of town – on one of my rare business trips – and both his therapy and Rebounders are going to get moved to mid-day time slots because they can be… it should be interesting.

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