Constant Shuffling

This has been a really bad winter, weather-wise.

Granted, we live far enough into the “South” that folks around here don’t seem to have a grasp on how to handle winter weather.  Snow sends folks into a tizzy – even the threat of it is enough to send folks to loot the local supermarket.

Even before last week’s snowfall, we’d already blown through all of our allocated weather-days for the school system.  So two more days last week, stacked onto the break for MLK Day, meant a two-day week of school for the Monster… and then we got into this week with cold-but-dry weather… and then this morning was another dusting of snow.

Schools were delayed again this morning by two hours.

The biggest hurdle to deal with in all of this is how this causes a lack of consistency for the Monster.  It seriously shakes up his schedule when he’s not having a consistent morning routine before he’s expected to get on the bus and get off to school – suddenly there’s another two hours that need filling before the yellow bus pulls up in front of our house and whisks him away.  Normally, the solution is to give him some of what he’s asking for, be it Sesame Street or the like, and let him have a bit of iPad time to try to get him settled so he’s pliant when the bus arrives… but more often than not, this is just setting ourselves up for some trouble.

This morning’s solution was to let him sleep late, and get him up with a near-equivalent amount of time for a normal day.  It was almost the right amount, but it still allowed for a substantial interruption to things.

I do realize that the schools can’t wholly control these kinds of situations, and that they’re not going to take into account a need for stability when they’re making plans.  I do think this morning’s delay was a bit ridiculous – it was just a dusting – and we have to figure out how to cope with it…


Of course, on the other end of things, some of us (supposedly) NT folks don’t deal with change well either.

As I type this, I’m actually in the midst of packing up my desk for a move to another office environment.  (No, nothing’s wrong.  I’m being relocated to a different building.)  I’ll be the first to admit that while I like being social with my coworkers, I also value my privacy, and so I don’t mind working in a cube farm.  The new environment is… a bit open.  Well, very open.   I know that my team members aren’t thrilled about the change, and we’ll see how that affects us – what it will probably affect is my schedule for posting.  I have to work out how best to arrange things, and that likely is going to affect posts for Thursday and Friday this week, as I try to get a bit ahead so I can schedule mid-day postings.

We’ll see what happens.

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