Anyone There?

So it’s now nearly two days since the late bus… and nothing.

As a few of my readers of my tweet feed have suggested, I should go full-bore and start causing more trouble to get a response – any response – from the school system.  The problem, really, is the other item that was in the news… and frankly, that’s going to have everyone’s attention here for a few more days.

The fact is also that I shouldn’t have to go this far to get a response for my son.  The city should already be aware that the bus was late, they should have already responded or have a response ready, and they should have an apology for the trouble that it caused.

And none of that is forthcoming.

I’m still utterly convinced that they’re hoping that I’m just going to go away.  Yes, my email to them asked – honestly and openly and bluntly – if I really need to go get an attorney to deal with this constant issue, or if I need to go to the local media.  At my company… that would bring about a response from an “executive escalation team” PDQ, since we understand that usually these things can be short-circuited by the right person reaching out to the angry customer.

I included three people on the original email – the interim CEO of schools (and as a meaningless tangent… why is the superintendent of schools for Baltimore City called the ‘CEO’?), the head of transportation and his immediate subordinate who deals with the contractors.  You’d think that one of them could be bothered to respond in two days’ time.

Basically, all I’m learning is that they don’t really care about the situation.  And that’s depressing.

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