No Doctor

Today was the Monster’s check-up with the developmental pediatrician.  We have these checkups about every nine months or so, a touch-base to decide if there’s things we need to be doing to try to get him caught back up, and to watch for any places where we might have been less than diligent about doing what’s best for his development.

But first, there’s always the simple physical.I personally don’t relish going to the doctor in most cases, but I recognize it’s a necessary evil.  I don’t like being poked or prodded, I don’t like needles, I don’t like the constant reminders about my weight.  But, all in all, it’s rarely painful or a big deal, and so I go.

It’s harder to rationalize that to the Monster.

The physical part of his exam when we go over to Kennedy Krieger is very basic – height, weight, temperature and blood pressure.  Nothing invasive, nothing painful, and something he’s done a dozen times before.  The only problem is that there’s another routine that he’s done a dozen times before – the insistence of “no doctor!” as soon as he realizes he’s at a doctor’s office.  He does this at the dentist, and he does it at his regular doctors’ appointment… so why not now?  (And at least what he was saying was clear and appropriate for the locale, demonstrating situational awareness.)

So what should have taken about three minutes took closer to ten… and then we finally got down to see the doctor.

The doctor’s appointment was more for going over what we’ve done since the last visit, reports and the status of his education.  We covered our concerns about the fact that his diet really has not been widening – his appetite is fine, but he’s still eating limited things – and there’s discussion about getting him some ABA and into social groups.  But all in all, it sounds like we’re on the right track for now.

Now if only we could get him over his thing about going to the doctor…

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