Snow Days

Sorry for not writing yesterday – between the late start to my day due to school being cancelled and some administrative things that I had to take care of at the office… I just never got around to it.

So today’s another snow day.

Actually, Baltimore City closed schools before a single snowflake had fallen.  I’m still not quite inclined to believe that it’s ever the right decision to close before you know if we’re going to get hit – I mean, we could have ended up with barely anything, after all – but shortly before 7 AM, it finally did start to snow.

photo 1Of course, I still love snow, and I’m not going to deny my kids the same kinds of enjoyment that I had as a child.  On the other hand, as I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s that whole concern about the Monster missing out on his therapy at school, as well as the socialization he gets from just being in class.

Still, with two days off in a row, this is something that’s obviously a concern.

Thankfully, even though the roads are expected to be awful today, the Monster did have therapy yesterday – his normal Tuesday therapy appointment got moved into the morning on Monday.  Since most of the clients at his therapist are students, and therefore at school during the day, they called us when schools were cancelled yesterday to ask if we’d like to bring him in early, “just in case” we had this snow event today.

One more positive – we forgot to do his homework on Friday, so the wife had time to get that done with him as well.  Course, now he’ll have double homework all week to catch up…

And, on the other hand, I do wait to see how they fit in all the therapy he’s required to have (from his IEP) when school resumes tomorrow.  He still has three SLP and one OT session every week, and while I’m not entirely sure what days those are, they do have to be fit in.  Plus, there are all the other students who have to get their therapy as well.

BUT, as I said, at least he had his private therapy yesterday, so that should be a good stop-gap against other disruptions.  Now to figure out what to do with him so he doesn’t spend all day on the iPad…

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