Not Messing Around

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post.

So, after I got home from work, I started crafting the email to the principal of the school to demand the termination of the two aides.

Now, I am the Bad Cop in our duo here.  I’m good at being the Bad Cop, as I’ve discussed previously, because beyond wanting what I want for my children, I don’t really care about the negative impacts on others, though generally only when said negative impacts are due to someone not doing their job properly.

On the other hand, my wife is the Good Cop.  She was agreeing with me that there needed to be a message sent, but she didn’t want to see someone fired.

So… in the end, the letter was far more tame, and I simply insisted on the aides being replaced – the schools could decide what to do with them, as far as I was concerned, as long as they aren’t in the Monster’s classroom.  My issue is the gross negligence.  The school can argue, for all it wants, that nothing bad happened, but I’m not willing to play that game.  They’re just lucky that nothing bad happened, and I pointed out that’s how they needed to look at the matter.

The principal agreed, when she mailed me back this morning.  One aide is a contractor, and her firm will be informed this morning that she must be replaced immediately.  The other is a school system employee, and that would take a little longer but again, a personnel shift will occur.  Neither aide will have to be responsible for my son’s safety any longer, and will be replaced with aides who not be so incompetent.

Don’t mess with an autism warrior dad.  We don’t f— around.

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