More of the Same

So, Rosh Hashanah starts tonight, and we’re back to the same old problem – what to do with the kids.

In past years, we’ve had babysitting at the synagogue, which has made what to do with the children easy.  Even easier, last year, the holidays were during the week, so we simply sent the Monster to school, and while R was too young to go to sitting, we could manage him in the quiet room.

This year, it’s a bit harder.  R is now old enough for sitting, but there’s no babysitting at our synagogue (not enough demand).  And the Monster’s going to school during Rosh Hashanah, but… Yom Kippur is a Saturday.

We think we’ve arranged coverage for Yom Kippur during the day, and we’ll take turns tomorrow and Friday with R in the quiet room.  That’s simple enough.  We have to find a sitter for Kol Nidre – especially since the wife’s vocal ensemble is performing that evening at our congregation – but that’s also something that just requires doing, rather than anything else.

And my mother, when we called yesterday, pointed out something that touches on another issue – teaching the kids about the holidays.  (She more asked if they were going to programming for the holiday, and we told her our plans and the logic behind them.  Answer is: No, they’re not going to programming.  The Monster can’t behave well enough to not disrupt and R’s too young.)  The Monster’s old enough to join the special needs class at our synagogue (or go to a similar program elsewhere in our community), and by next year, R’ll be old enough to go to Tot Hag.  They both at some point need to learn about the traditions and whatnot, and it’s feeling almost that we’re doing a disservice to them for the moment.

We’ll have to figure this all out soon enough, I know.  Just wish there was an instruction manual for this for the High Holydays…

(I probably won’t be posting during the holiday, or the weekend, so I will see you all again on Monday…)

שנה טובה ומתוקה לכולם!

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