Pulling Teeth

The Monster’s verbal inclinations – whether regressing or not this summer – really do tend to send us into loops of repetitive questions.

The real problem is when we try to give him choices.  Anything beyond a yes-no question lately tends to be a failure unless he’s highly motivated to give a more direct answer.  Inevitably, once you get to a certain point in the conversation, the loop begins.

Monster: “More!”  (Often without there having been something “first”.)

Us: “More what?”

Monster: “More!!”

Us: (prompting) “I… want…”

Monster: “I want… more… please!”

The Monster’s private SLP has suggested to us that changing the format of the question might help – putting it in some tonal manner instead of being direct about it – and we’ve tried that with…. well, not much success.  There are times where he’s willing to play along, and times where he’s not.

We’ve also gone over to trying to use some printed out picture-boards to give him options to point… but I have the feeling that it’s really more giving him too many options to choose from.  He’s not been too inclined to use the audio programs on the iPad which would let us have him have fewer options, and there’s just not much else we can come up with…

There is, though, that motivation issue.  While I’m hammering this out, he came straight up to me this evening to ask – nicely and clearly – if he could play on the computer.  So there’s something in there bubbling to get out, if only with a lot of effort and the right motivation…

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