No News

Sometimes, no news is good news.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Monster’s one-on-one aide, J, is generally very good about writing us notes about what happens at camp.  Yesterday, for instance, we got a note about how he went on the zip-line for the first time, about how he’s having a good time in music, and how he loves swimming.

Today?  Not a word.

And this happens every few days of camp – J sends the notebook back to us with nothing new in it.

The first time it happened, we wrote back to him and asked if anything had gone on that we should know about.  The second time, we kind of just made faces (both of those were Fridays) and just let it go.  And then it happened again today.

Granted, today, he also came home with one of his swim outfits still perfectly dry in its bag, but it means that we want to know what’s going on at camp.  He also came home in his cloth underwear and original shorts, and no sign that there’d been any toilet accidents…

I choose to think that he’s just having a lot of fun, having a good day, and that J didn’t get around to writing the note as a result.  We’re going to ask anyway so we know how the day went, but I’m hoping that it’s a sign of something positive…

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