Heal Thyself

With a child who is on the Spectrum, I spend a lot of time worrying about his health and developmental needs.  Between juggling his therapy appointments, gymnastics in lieu of physical therapy that the city will no longer grant, and getting him to and from school, there’s a lot of things on that list.

The one thing that doesn’t appear on that list – and probably should, for obvious reasons – is my own health needs.

I’ve fortunately been reasonably healthy – I catch the occasional cold or whatnot, but I’ve had no real cause to need to seek medical attention.  (The wife’s not been quite so fortunate, but that’s her story to tell more than my own.)  I know that I’m overweight, but that’s kind of like noticing that sunlight is warm, as I’ve been heavy for most of my adult life.

It’s taken a bit of badgering from the wife, especially in light of the fact that we do have health insurance, to get me to go see a doctor to discuss my current health.  It’s not like it costs me anything additional, since wellness checks are entirely free to me.  I probably haven’t been to the doctor since shortly before the Monster was born if not a year or two prior to that.  I’m not reluctant to go, let me be clear – it’s more a matter of priorities and making the time to actually go take time out of my day for such an appointment.

Well… apparently I should have done it a while ago.  Aside from the statement of the obvious (being that I really do need to lose “some” weight), my answers to some of the questions raised red flags for a couple of things, which is why I have to spend tonight at a sleep center so they can monitor me.  Apparently, I may have sleep apnea – my nightly impression of a Saturn V starting its long, long trip to the Moon being one of several indicators that there’s a concern.

Obviously, I can’t take care of the Monster or the rest of my family if I’m not wholly well.  I suppose that means I really do need to make more of an effort to keep up with my doctors’ appointments…

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