Bouncing Off Walls

Tomorrow is the Monster’s gymnastics day, one of his favorite activities that’s going to soon be coming to a temporary end as the school year moves into the summer camp period.

It’s not a lack of money that’s going to be ending his time at gymnastics for now, but really just a lack of time – we don’t know how it’s going to work, getting him from the camp bus to the gymnastics center, what his energy level’s going to be, and so it’s better in our minds to hold off until the fall.

In the months that he’s been doing gymnastics again after school, at the I Can Do It Too program at Rebounders, he’s really been making progress in what he’s willing and able to accomplish.  He’s gone from just basic wandering around the gym to following direction with certain tricks, and he’s slowly getting the gist of some of the more complicated things that his teachers want him to do.  It’s also nicely reinforced other behaviors that we’re trying to work on – getting him to be semi-social, to speak clearly and follow directions.

And part of me does worry that over the course of the summer, we’ll see some slide-back on that regard without the positive reinforcement of his weekly trip to the center.

I know that I’m probably worrying too much in that regard, since camp will likely also have activities that will get the same responses from him.  And that will be every day with counselors who are, I expect, prepared to deal with his specific issues and tailor activities to evoke the same responses.

And he’ll resume again in the fall, soon enough.  Certainly, we’re planning on sending him back, and the wife’s putting in for more LISS funding, so we’ll see what happens…

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