Snow Day

Since it’s a snow day here in Charm City, I’m working from home.

Not that we have all that much snow, mind you – it’s been blustery and there’s quite a bit coming down, but none of it is sticking where we live.  I could have easily gone to work, but the Monster’s school is closed as a precaution, and so I’m home to lend a helping hand.

The Monster, of course, doesn’t understand any of this.  He’s shown that he has a concept of what’s going on outside (he recognizes that it’s snowing), but there’s really nothing that clicks to him that we’ve seen that indicates he understands that the snow is why he’s not gone to school.  I don’t know that he really ever distinguishes between school days and non-school days in any real sense aside from whether or not the bus comes to pick him up.

School gives some sense of order to his days, from what we know – we know he’s not had any real behavior problems at school, which differs from when he’s in the far more unstructured environment here on a snow day.    So far today, we’ve mostly been trying to just keep him busy and from causing too much trouble, but he’s already been to time-out once for not listening… and well, that’s as bad as it ever gets.  It’s bad enough though that it’s a disruption to both the wife’s and my routines when we’re having to keep both boys busy, especially with how they’re limited to the house in the weather.

At least he should be going back to school tomorrow (and tomorrow’s Gymnastics day to boot…)

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