Potty Mouth

Originally, today was supposed to be another visit to the behavioral psychologist with the Monster, but her office called this morning to cancel.  Alas, we’ll have to make up the appointment in the coming weeks.

The major thing we’ve been working on with her has been trying to further the Monster’s toilet training, as you’ve seen described here in the blog on too many occasions.  We’re at the point that I think he’s actually holding it until someone prompts him to go to the bathroom – he’s had minimal accidents during this extended weekend, but when he’s put on the toilet (when he makes it clear he needs to go), he goes immediately.

Most of the time, his way of telling us is to either do the dog thing (go wait by the gate and look pitiful), or to do the potty dance (which most parents will recognize). On a few rare occasions this weekend, he’s actually informed us that he has to go to the potty or something like that verbally, which is a Very Good Thing.  (In theory, we’re supposed to be giving him ways to prompt us on his own – either by use of a visual card or by verbal statement – but we’ve been a little bad on the former of making something available to for him to use.)

So now that we have apparently at least another week if not two before we visit with his psychologist, it’s a good time to see if he does, indeed, start saying more often when he needs to go…

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