Back to Normal

This morning was the Monster’s first day back at school in almost two weeks.

Over the vacation, we obviously didn’t keep him to his ‘real’ schedule for lack of having any way to do that.  As I’ve mentioned, there was a very large issue with behavior, due to the order of his life breaking down with that regard.

So, this morning, suffice it to say, he had trouble waking up on time and put up a horrible stink about getting taken into the shower to get cleaned up before school.

Not that he ever really likes showers.  One of the few sensory things he seems to have is not liking having water sprayed on him – showers are largely done with my having a large cup that I can dump over him, though he’s getting better about turning under the spray to rinse off – but today was an absolute struggle to get him into the shower and get him cleaned off before school.  (I’ll be very glad next week when we get the other bathroom cleaned up so we can use the tub again.)  But, at least in the end, he was clean and ready to go to school like a normal human being.

Today’s also going to be a deviation from his schedule anyway, since he’s going to the developmental therapist today again, which means we’re picking him up straight from school and heading down there, followed by going home for homework afterwards… and that’s going to be a lot of fun…

On the other hand, getting him back onto his schedule is going to (hopefully) do wonders for his behavior.

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