Lazy Sunday

Just a little slice of life from our house, perhaps.

Sundays are often our ‘down’ day – as you may have guessed, because I don’t update on Saturdays, we often have things going on.  (Yesterday, case in point: we had synagogue – wife’s choir was performing, and I had gabbai duties – then over to the grandparents’ to program their new phones, install a Slingbox and let the Monster run rampant for a bit.)  Sundays are the day where we usually have nothing at all to do, nothing pressing at least, unless we’ve specifically scheduled.

So as I write this, the Monster’s perched on the couch, playing some games on his iPad,while the wife’s relaxing.  Basically, this is how Sunday works – everyone gets up when they do, and we just kind of take the downtime for granted.

Of course, on the other hand, this also ends up to be the time where we see just how much the Monster’s been integrating whatever they’re doing at school.  As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, we don’t get enough reports from the school to know everything that he’s doing at school, though we can guess some of it based on his homework.

And every once in a while, when things are as relaxed as they are, we get interesting little insights into what’s going on in his head.  With things being ‘quiet’ today, we’ve gotten a few fun outbursts:

When I brought him his juice (when he asked for some while on the potty this morning), he took a look at the cup and then to me, and stated, “This is an orange cup.”  Yes, yes it was.

He has been doing a few more involved sentences today, with a bit of the help that the wife got from the latest speech pathologist – he’s been resorting to ‘Can I have more, please?’ less often, and moving towards more specific prompts.  He asked nicely for pancakes this morning (okay, after I’d already given him a bowl of oatmeal and he’d eaten quite a bit).  Shortly after that, he then asked to be allowed to play in the kitchen, and when asked what he wanted to do in there, did nicely ask to ‘play with magnets’.

Sometimes, a little chaos and lack of pre-planning is a good thing.

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