The Leap Forward

First, I apologize for not posting yesterday – my work laptop has been dying, and it was time for it to be replaced.  I didn’t, unfortunately, get everything transferred over, so I’ll deal with the ends of that process tomorrow.

So, it’s finally happened – a decently huge leap forward.

I returned home from work fairly late last night – as mentioned, I was working on getting my laptop swapped – and by the time I did walk in the door, both kids had eaten.  As previously discussed here, the Monster has been starting up with a better expression of his needs lately, mostly starting with riffs on the phrase ‘Eating Time’.

Apparently, last night, his phrase was, “Eating time!  I want to eat toast, please.”

Now, understand that he doesn’t eat toast.  He doesn’t like toast.  So the wife asked him for clarification, and indeed got the clarification that he meant french toast, with a “Yes.  I want french toast please.”

Likewise, this morning when I was dealing with bathroom time – I’m single-parenting it today because the wife has jury duty – he was giving me good complete sentence answers when I was asking him questions about what he was doing.

This is a big jump – he usually simply gives either a repetition of the question that’s posed to him, or he gives a simple ‘yes/no’ response when posed with a definite query.  It’s a sign that something’s finally sticking in that noggin of his from the speech therapy and his regular classes on that level.  Of course, he’s still not really carrying on real conversations or talking about how his day went, but this is an improvement and one that we’re quite proud of.

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