Some traditions are harder to keep than others, sometimes.

For the wife, Thanksgiving is a day to get up, eat breakfast, and watch the parade while trying to figure out what we’re going to bring to dinner.  (Well, that and go through the Black Friday circulars.)

For the Monster, it’s one of those weird days where we don’t have a schedule, and worse – where we’re not going to be home all day, so any sense of structure that he has is going to be blown fully away.

So far this morning, he woke up at 5:30ish and we’ve spent a good portion of the morning down in the family room (which is partially sound-proofed, ergo why we went down there), and he and I had some Abba-and-Monster time watching The Incredibles for as long as he was willing to tolerate it.  We’ll see how long I can keep him going in front of the parade when it comes on, and perhaps he’ll take a nap sometime today so he’s okay during dinner.

Further, there’s this whole thing about whether or not he’ll eat whatever we’re preparing tonight.  He does eat turkey – when he remembers that he’s had it before and likes it – but I’m not so sure he’ll be game for the other side dishes given how picky an eater he is.  I would love for him to learn to like some of the traditional side dishes that I grew up with, things like cranberries and mashed potatoes, but… that’s the least of my worries, frankly.

For all of you out there who are celebrating, dearest readers, have a happy and memorable Thanksgiving.

One thought on “Traditions

  1. What I love most about great Thanksgiving memories are the ones made spontaneously. The traditions that build over time incorporating new into the old.

    Cool blog!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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